Texas Holdem Poker Fruit Match 3 - Fruit Match, Fruit Matching, Fruits Legend, Swiped Fruits, Fruit Saga
Fruit Match 3
Are you ready to become the fruit swiped legend? Then you need to download this game. Fruit Match 3 is all about fun with strategy and focus. This colorful game is about the delicious of fruits which you need to match.

But how do you exactly play this saga of fruit game? You need to match 3 exact fruits. In the 3 column of fruits, the middle part moves, what you need to do is make a matching fruit game to the 2 columns outside which you can move to the moving column in the middle. Once you do match the 3 fruits, it will clear. You will win the game when finally there are no more fruits to match. This is quite challenging because there is a time limit!

Fruit Match 3 Features:
✔ A lot of challenging levels & many game props.
✔ The grenade props can eliminate fruits in one row.
✔ The lightning props can eliminate the fruits around.
✔ Amazing HD graphics for you to enjoy!
✔ Free for a limited time

Fruit Match 3 is a game that will surely get hooked! Download now and play with friends through the game's online sharing interface.
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