Texas Holdem Poker Car Fast Parking - Car Parking Truck Parking 3D, Speed Parking 3D, Car Parking Game, Crazy Parking Car King, Parking Mania
Car Fast Parking
Car Fast Parking is all about precision. When you have a mania for car parking then this game is for you.
Just when you think parking is challenging, you are faced with this crazy parking game.
So, why is this game such a challenge?
Well, firstly you got a time to beat. Needless to say, you cannot take your time maneuvering your car to position it in a perfect spot just like you always do, this time, its speed parking! If you can't beat the time, your precious car will explode.

- 3D game interface, just as if you are driving the car.
- Amazing lucid color to enjoy the game environment
- Offers excitement because of the swift finger control.
- Upbeat music to bring the groove on while you parking the car.
- Challenging but fun obstacles.
- Create a friendly competition and break each other time record thru the game's sharing interface.
- Free for a limited number of time, so download now!

Everybody is telling you that you are the parking king but can you really prove it? Well, you can find out here. This game is jam-packed with crazy obstacles to challenge your parking skills. So does your reputation precedes you? We're about to find out here.
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